Posi-Awards 2018

Fiona” wins People’s Choice Award

It was with great pride and honor that I was able to receive this award on behalf of my awesome video crew and volunteers. They did a phenomenal job on less than a shoe string budget, all because they believed in the project and our mission of bringing awareness of child sexual abuse (CSA) to communities through music and the arts. (Learn more about The Fiona Project, music and arts for CSA prevention and healing.)

Songfest 2017

As always, songfest was a blast and gave me an opportunity to debut a couple of my newest songs. You’re Not Alone was a hit and touched many hearts that night; and playing Wind in the Willow with the band and Paul on harmonica/backing vocals was pure joy. ❤️

Looking forward to recording these songs on an upcoming album.

The Fiona Project Launch Party 2016

Another incredible night of music and tears by a cast of amazing volunteers and supporters who believe in The Fiona Project mission. This was the first big foray for the Fiona Project and the debut of the music video that would go on to win the People’s Choice award at the Posi Awards in 2018.

A great night was had by all, musicians, fans and CSA survivors alike. It was healing and uplifting. A perfect night!

Valentine’s Day with the Etowah Jazz Society 2016

What a great night! I rarely get to sing with a Big Band these days unless I go back to Columbus. And it’s one of my absolute most favorite things to do, so even though I wasn’t the star of the show this time, it was a real treat being on the stage with that wall of sound again. Makes my heart sing! And, we were supporting a good cause too, raising money for music scholarships for kids. You can’t go wrong.

Songfest 2015

This was a marathon concert, but it was fun and most of all, we were privileged to have the opportunity to play with Don Discenza for one of his last appearances before he passed in 2016. What a gift! ❤️ RIP, Don. ❤️

Love Yourself Free 2015

My first concert sharing my story

In looking back, this really was the initial trial of what later became The Fiona Project.  I had a chance to tell my story of healing from CSA publicly for the first time as part of my concert that night. Child Sexual Abuse is a terrible social epidemic here in the United States and around the world. Luckily, 95% of abuse can be stopped simply through awareness and education of our communities, leaders, teachers, parents and grandparents, and our children as well.

My heart is strong for this cause, so this was a wonderful chance to test the waters with a loving, supportive community. In the end, we had a terrific weekend with some really great folks!

Thank you, Unity on the Mountain, for your hospitality and love!


Fun times at Unity North Atlanta! As you can tell by our group photo, an eclectic array of wonderful and interesting musicians from around the city participated. I dare say, a heartfelt night was had by all.

One Heart: Philippines Rescue Benefit Concert 2013

This was a long but amazing event put together to raise money for the Philippines after they were ravaged by a devastating typhoon in 2013. As the house band of the sponsoring organization, we were called on to launch the multi-hour show that day with a smoking jazz set that tore up some classic tunes. (Jazz is the One World Band specialty and they are fantastic! I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to work with these gentlemen. 😍)

In the end I think we raised over $5000 dollars. I was so proud of our tiny organization with such a big heart! 💚 💙

Music That Matters:
Posi-Music Festival 2013

What a great first introduction to the Posi-Music festival and awards. I had just debuted my album, Move Ahead, in 2012 and straight out of the gate, received an Honorable Mention for my song Love Knows the Way, which landed me in the opening show on Friday night! Not a bad start to a posi-music career. 😉

The Power of Chant 2012

This was one of my first times as a guest as a women’s retreat and sharing my Opening to Possibility workshop. It was a warm and welcoming audience. Always a joy to be able to share the gifts that I have been given.

Swinging with Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orchestra 2012

What a joy! Singing with the big band was the delight of several years of my life when I was a young adult, and an experience that I will never be able to replace. We won awards and played our hearts out every show.

Luckily, I am able to pop in every now and again to hear the man and his music with his band, the FJO, going strong for over 20 years now, and if my timing is good, sometimes I even get to sing. 😉

It’s been a few years now, but I hope to be able to return to Columbus sometime soon and see them again. Big love for this man and his band! ❤

From the Archives

From Sunday services to music venues, I have enjoyed a variety of musical opportunities over the years – quaint coffeehouses with friends and guitars, churches and spiritual centers, music halls, theaters, you name it! I have been so blessed to have such amazing and diverse opportunities. I love what I do! ❤️