2018 Empower Posi-Awards

“Welcome Home, Fiona” wins the people’s choice positive music video of the year from Empower Music and Arts.

Gwinnet Daily Post

September 28, 2016
“The Fiona Project benefit concert series launches in Norcross to end child sex abuse”

8th Annual Posi Awards

January 2013
EmPower Music & Arts
Honorable Mention
Category: Music That Matters
Song: Love Knows the Way

Open to Imagination: With Guest, Asha Lightbearer

Empower Radio
“The creative process is about being open to possibility and imagination. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes… If you’re worrying about playing it safe and worried about doing it right, you’ll never get to your most creative genius.”


Sound Connections

Unity’s New Thought Music Resource
Issue #85 – October 2012
“Asha Lightbearer makes a striking entrance into the New Thought music world with her debut full-length album Move Ahead

HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era

Contributing Author: Asha Lightbearer
Chapter 4: Creating Passion and Purpose in Your Work

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