Living the Music

Music has its own life. It is real and alive in spirit and in form. It is a way of feeling and of expressing.

When you have music, you can find your way through a dark night of tears and pain. Music opens your soul to the blackness within, to free you from the pain you didn’t dare to touch, the truth you felt but didn’t dare to speak, the secret desire you haven’t dared to share with another–except vicariously through the words of a song. You are not alone.

That is the power of music.

You are no longer alone in your thoughts, your pain, your joy, your daydream. Someone else has been there too and has given you a gift that allows you too feel and express the things you otherwise dare not say aloud like.

Music can provide an outlet for unbridled rage, or remind you that you are beautiful and worthy when you have come to believe that you are nothing.


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Concerts & Events

Want to book a concert? I am happy to play house concerts, singer/songwriter shows, spiritual venues, fundraisers and other sets of my original music or jazz sets with guitar or trio. Contact me and let’s chat. I look forward to speaking with you!