Living Room Sessions: Sister Child – Take 1

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Listen to what I found yesterday…  (Sister Child, Apr 15, 2018 ~ Living Room Live)

In April of this year, I decided I wanted to start doing “Living Room Sessions” of my unpublished songs so that I could share them publicly without spending a fortune. This basically means raw, cheap cuts of my original music.

I’ve never been willing to do this before for a variety of reasons, but I finally had to realize that if I wait and save for perfection, no one will ever hear my music.

So, I bought myself a nice microphone, and I dove in trying to figure out how to record in my living room and not have it sound like garbage.

This is what happened in my first session. (Listen above.)  It’s raw and blemished–plenty of mistakes. But it has heart, and truthfully, I think this is my favorite version of this song that I have ever managed to capture. (Definitely better than the one I did in the studio two years ago! Go figure.)

I have to say, hearing the difference between the stuff I recorded in 2016 and what I am capable of today is absolutely amazing to me. I am no longer that girl who tries really hard, but never feels good enough.

I now have the skills and the equipment to help me take my songs to a new level, and I am letting go. Letting go of control. Letting go of perfection. Letting go of “trying”, self-doubt and self-deprecation. Letting go of playing it safe.

Life is too short. So today, I share this with you as the beginning of a new journey. We’ll see what happens. But no matter what, I am proud of how far I’ve come already. And I love this track! Not bad for one day with a new mic and a laptop.


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