Just submitted to 12th Annual Posi-Music Awards

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img-3Very excited to have just finished my submissions to the 12th annual Posi-Music Awards which will be held in Orlando, Florida again next year.

Back in 2012 when I first found out about the Posi-Awards, I entered my song Love Knows the Way and was thrilled to receive an honorable mention in the 8th Annual Posi-Music Awards. I even got to perform in the opening Music That Matters concert *my  first year in “the circle” of posi-music songwriters and artists*. Fun stuff!

This year, I submitted Fiona (Welcome Home, Fiona), the theme song for The Fiona Project, both for the Video category and Healing category; and I also submitted You’re Not Alone for the Healing category.  (“You’re Not Alone?” you’re thinking. Yup. It’s one of my newer songs from last year. I’ve played it a couple of times at live concerts and Paul has shared it on a relevant episode of The Overwhelmed Brain, but I haven’t officially release it yet for download. Soon!)

In the meantime, here’s a revisit of the Fiona video.

I mean, let’s face it… this is an awesome video that Nick Rhodes and company put together for our charity music campaign to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors. I think it deserves some recognition; and of course with that comes the opportunity for the project to gain some visibility with my fellow musicians who might be willing to help us out–which would be AWESOME!  In order to keep moving on that project I need artists to play for us!!!

So, if there comes a time where we need voters from outside of the Posi-panel of judges, I will be reaching out to your for your assistance. Stay tuned! Would love to have this in front of a large audience where it can do some good.

For more about The Fiona Project, visit our website.

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