“Love Knows the Way” Receives Honorable Mention at 8th Annual Posi-Music Awards

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WOW!  I am thrilled to say that I submitted my song Love Knows the Way for the social activism category at the Posi Music Awards this year and received and Honorable Mention–straight out of the gate on my first attempt!  Woo hoo!

I wrote this song in about 3 days, which is very fast. It basically just poured into my head. Plus, I definitely feel compelled by the social and environmental themes it focuses on.

In fact, it makes me laugh that a friend of mine’s son loves this song and at the part “The earth is calling out in pain as oil spills from in her veins into the waters of her seas,” he apparently loves to shout out “BP sucks”!  As said as that situation is, I do find the humor in his retaliation and in the fact that kids seem to love my songs and really latch onto stuff like that. It’s a good voice for them. Who would’ve thought?

I also find it amusing that I used to think of myself as not political; but obviously, that’s not as true as I believe. Clearly, I am politically motivated–when it comes to environmental causes, at least. Perhaps, the only person I was kidding was myself!

Regardless, being noticed for this song and invited to perform in their Music that Matters concert on opening night is a huge honor, as this concert is dedicated to featuring up and coming new artists in the posi-music arena.  I am so pleased and proud, and am very much looking forward to getting a chance to better know some of the other writers at this Awards weekend too. However, if truth be told, I am scared out of my mind about performing.  There’s nothing like going from “hidden no-name” to center stage all in one day. But I will trust the process. After all, this is what i wanted: for people to hear my songs. So now, here I am and I am going to just sit back and just enjoy the experience. (And practice like crazy so I’m prepared!)

What is helping with that though is that in just the last month alone, I have done several performances, so I am getting lots of stage time.  I performed in Ohio with the Famous Jazz Orchestra big band (one of my favorite opportunities–I LOVE singing with a big band), at Unity of Huntsville in Alabama where I performed some of my original music from my album and also taught my newest workshop “Opening to Possibility”, and at multiple charity events in Atlanta including at Steve’s Live Music on behalf of the Atlanta Community Foodbank and also at a fundraising benefit luncheon for Our Lady of Perpetual Help cancer hospice.

It’s been a good month!

So… for your schedule… if you are going to be in Orlando in January and you want to check out the Posi-Awards concerts and workshops, click here for more details. I will be performing at the Friday night Music That Matters showcase concert on January 18 and also will have a room in the Pajama Jam concerts afterwards as well.

As always, thanks for checking out my blog. Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

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I love your site!!!!!! Great stuff.