Brothers in Arms with the One World Band

Category: Journal

Wanted to share this cover tune that the band and I played a few months ago at One World Spiritual Center. It’s not a tune that you would expect to hear at a Sunday Gathering. It’s an old classic rock song from Dire Straits, but the lyrics are quite profound. The writer speaks of the pain, the loss and the loyalty of his service brothers, while at the same time recognizing the sacredness of humanity and the same bonds between the brothers he has fought against. “We’re fools to make war on our brothers in arms.”

It’s a beautiful song and I am very grateful that I have such an open and accepting audience at One World that I can share something like this and they welcome it. We definitely stretch the norm of what you would expect at a spiritual service sometimes, and I am thankful to all who make that possible. We are grateful!

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