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Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would record an album, but the Universe had different plans. And for that, I am grateful!

Recording “Move Ahead” was a grueling experience for me. It pushed every button — self-doubt, fear, financial strain, old wounds from criticisms and jokes about my music. But I pushed through, and the hard work paid off. I am very pleased with the outcome and couldn’t have asked for a better start to my music career.

My producer, Ryan Almario, really brought my songs to life. I literally cried the first time I heard them produced with full orchestration. He really made them shine, and for that, I am ever grateful! I had no idea my music could sound like “that”.


Special thanks to Ryan and everyone who participated on this album. You helped me to create something really special. You are appreciated.

Track 1: Recording and production by Steve Ryan at BoxSpring Productions

Tracks 2-11: Recording and production by Ryan Almario, FlipFunk Studios.
Keys: Ryan Almario
Guitars: Michael Wilhelm, Scott Shackelford
Bass: Fuji Fujimoto
Percussion: Pete Marino
Violin: Wes McElmoyle
Background Vocals: Tom Ballinger, Carl Christie, Karen Kennedy

© 2012 Asha Lightbearer

Album Review

Asha Lightbearer makes a striking entrance into the new thought music world with her debut full-length album, Move Ahead.

Asha has a sound unlike any other, combining a voice that is almost sweet with content that often addresses the woes of humanity. Imagine combining an angel with Alanis Morissette and you might come close to Asha Lightbearer.

With a sound all her own, Asha takes her listeners on a journey of healing and exploration. From the first haunting notes of “Ethereal” to the closing chords of “Hallelujah (Ascension)”, Asha navigates through emotion, doubt, glory, love and triumph.
- Sound Connections eMagazine published by Unity Worldwide Ministries