Greater Things

I get most of music as “downloads”–during a long hot shower (ahhh) or in dream time while I sleep.  Then I hurry and write them down and capture as much as I can of what I remember.

When Greater Things came in, I was volunteering a lot to sing at a local new thought church in Marietta, so a lot of spiritual music was coming through. But this particular song came in loud and clear as, “I am God. I am Spirit. I am holy. I am worthy…”

I remember vividly because I was tripping about the lyrics, thinking, “I can’t sing that at a church!” I grew up in a very traditional protestant church and I was taught very clearly that God is perfection and omnipotence and that we are not that! At best, we are His beloved creations–in spite of our lowly, unworthiness.

But that day as I received the music from the ethers, it was clear the message being brought forward was nothing like that of my childhood. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was a message that we are indeed manifestations of God–(all of us!)–and that we are holy, sacred and worthy exactly the way we are. And I believe that.

We all represent some aspect of the whole—the dark and the light and every complex machination of the two in between. Each of us has the opportunity to bring a gift to the planet in some way or another because we are all Spirit at heart. Sometimes, it’s just hard to remember that for ourselves. But if we did all view ourselves and each other as aspects of The Divine, what a better world this might be.

So… in remembrance of our highest nature and best possible selves…  Greater Things.


“Greater Things” © 2012 Asha Lightbearer

Click here for lyrics.

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