Dear Lily (LIVE)

This song took me over two years to write!  Yup, it’s true.

I had met a young woman who was having a baby and like all new moms was having some questions and concerns about the baby’s well-being.  Right away I went home and heard the little ditty at the beginning of the song (which originally was in guitar, so maybe someday I’ll make a version with guitar). But I could never get past the opening musical line. No words seemed to flow. No more melodies or chords came easily, so I set it aside… for two years!  Then one day in early 2014, I just decided it was time to finish the song. I sat down and voila! It was easy and effortless. The lyrics flowed and the piano seemed to write itself. The result… Dear Lily.

Dedicated to Stream and Lily. May you both be blessed for all of your days.

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