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man-w-electric-guitar-300x196To date, I have considered myself a solo posi-Music artist, primarily working in a singer/songwriter capacity or with house bands (or tracks); but there is no doubt, I love the full and energetic sound of a band that really has it together–drive, passion, synchronicity, and lots of energy! So, last week I officially launched a search for bandmates to co-create driving, passionate, rock-based music that inspires, uplifts and heals.

To get started, I am looking for bass, guitar, and drums. The music will be primarily secular in nature, but with all positive lyrics and messages of hope, inspiration, love, acceptance and social change. My mission is to uplift and inspire people, helping them to tap into their wounds and release pain, resentment, and unforgiveness–creating space to bring into their lives more light, more life, more love and more joy. Music is a natural medium for this work due to its innate ability to open and shift the listener, and I’m looking to build a powerful sound with bandmates also interested in this important work.

Regarding repertoire, historically I have written virtually all of my song material myself and intend to continue to do so, in general. However, I would love to also write with the band and see where that “flows us” as we open up into more expansive sounds and material.

Ideally, I see a group of talented, heart-centered performers whose musical genius flows effortlessly between them–in performance, songwriting, overall intention and purpose–performing at festivals and other clean-air, positive concert scenes and performance venues.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this vision, please contact me at the number listed on my website or message me through either the website or facebook ( Otherwise, please hold this vision with me as I expand into new territory and take my music ministry to a new level.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Love and Light,  -Asha

One thought on “Rock Band with a Purpose

  1. I’m holding the vision for you.
    We should catch up one of these days soon.
    Hope all is well for you and yours.

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