“I Could Be More” from the upcoming album “Eulogy”

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Exiting news!

I am currently working on my second album, “Eulogy“.

And I am happily cranking out some new music. So as I go, I thought I’d share some of the songs with you so you can see what I’m up to.

This album is substantially different than my first in that it is not an album of spiritual music, but rather a mainstream singer/songwriter style with flavors from Jazz to country to pop. The title of the album came about because all of the songs are written about specific people and experiences that are either true events or or were inspired by true events. There are sad stories and happy stories and everything in between. Pain, lies, deceit and injury and also pardon, forgiveness and self-love. These are songs of healing, renewal and gaining perspective. They are songs about finding freedom and peace and inspiration.

In any case, I wanted to share my latest performance of my newest finished song (co-written with Nashville writer, Wil Hodge, I might ad). It’s actually inspired by my life growing up with my Nana and Gramp on a small family farm in the White Mountains of NH. They were an important part of my younger years and have largely influenced my life. In fact, they paid for my piano lessons all those years ago–a gift that keeps on giving even today.

So, in eulogy to my grandparents, here’s “I Could Be More”.  Miss you both!

©Asha Lightbearer  2013  (lyrics)

Want to help make this CD a reality?

Even recording a modest CD starts at around $5500!  (That’s a lot of $$jack$$ to make it possible for me to give away my music!)

Most musicians work hard to fund recording and production of their music, and almost always carry a loss for months (sometimes years or more) on albums they had hard-pressed into discs. IN short, we work to pay our bills and support our musical habits so that we can share the best of ourselves with others.

Help me give to you! 🙂  All recording donations are greatly appreciated. No gift is too small.

Thank you!

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