Asha Lightbearer - Singer Songwriter Asha Lightbearer - Singer Songwriter

Sunrise Sunset (Acoustic)

Release Date: August 21, 2016
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Acoustic piano and vocals, Asha Lightbearer
© 2012 Lightbearer, Asha
Produced by Jesse Owen Astin, JOA, Atlanta, GA


Sunrise, sunset.

Wondering when you’ll come around.
When will I get there’s no lost until you’re found.
Sunrise, sunset. Wanderlust and vagabond.
Needs go unmet making war until the dawn.

When will you begin to find the one inside
whose crying out for Love.
You fight into the night with bombs and guns,
no love or light in sight.
And still you say you save the day,
for this I pray. For this…

Sunrise, sunset. Wondering when I’ll come around.
When will you get, I can’t stop when you’re around.
Sunrise, sunset. Knowing that you’re moving on.
Not like we met, making love until the dawn.

When will I begin to find the one inside
whose willing to be free.
To see that things are not the way they were,
the way they used to be.
To be released and loved away,
for this you pray. For this…

Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
We pray. We pray.
We pray. We pray.
We pray.